05/31/2018- DD's Special Edition Birthday Blog


02/03/2018- First Blog Entry: Live Shows, Upcoming Single







This entry is pretty early, but I feel like there's enough going on in my life to warrant it. If you haven't, check out the latest psychoとsaikou release- NISEMONO GANGSTA! Me, Minari and painy go cray on the track so by all means, check it out on Youtube or Soundcloud.

Now that the good news is out there, time for the unfortunate stuff. I got put on the waitlist for the group I applied to teach English for in Japan, and rejected by my Plan B in addition. So I'm stuck in a bit of a limbo, wondering whether I'll be living in Japan or not. But the idea of not living there makes me sick these days, so I prefer to remain hopeful. Recently, my life has become a cycle of waiting for phone calls and emails back from people I've given the key to my happiness to, and I'm gettin' real tired of it. So whether April decides to suck as much as March- maybe I can't control that. But the things I CAN control are gonna kick ass. I guess you could say, the "choice is mine...?" What could that mean? Wait and see. -DD

03/12/2018- DEMONDICE is Still Working

It's been a few months since I wrote up an entry here, but you can see why with everything that has been going on in my universe... Not to mention, I just finished moving to Japan, so things were hectic. I performed at World Wide Words 2018, with my own show on the Party Stage and participation in the mic relay. We had a few technical difficulties, and it was a rough live show. But we pulled it together, and DEVIL'S NIGHT (feat. ORIGAMI ENT. and ytr) will be happening next weekend. We're doing everything we can to make sure this live show is a blast for everyone, so please come if you can! Meanwhile, I recently was allowed to announce my participation in TINY PLANET's 2nd album, "VENUS." K's and AO are two of my favorite musicians and people I've admired since before I began writing my own music, so it was a dream come true. Click here to check out the XFD. And finally, my 3rd EP has released in CD form, during WWW 2018. The digital release will be on August 19th! Fans in America and other regions outside of Japan, please stay tuned for the release, coming soon! -DD

22 years ago today, a terrible demon was birthed into the world. She'd go on to become a pretty mediocre up-starting rapper and for some reason you decided to stick around and cheer her on. So thanks! The only reason I'm here is because of you guys. I have some great news; I got accepted off the waitlist into the English teaching program I wanted to join. I won't be headed to Tokyo, however. I was placed in some islands off of Nagasaki. I'm not upset, the islands are very beautiful and I'll still manage to find my way to Tokyo very often. I've got big plans over there in August, several you'll hear about in the months to come. By the way, a HUGE influx of DEMONDICE merchandise will be made available this summer with the release of my 3rd EP, "American Saikoro." So far, T-shirts are being made, and stickers, phone charms and a physical album releases are in production. Not only that, but the album will be available for digital release in mid-August, and physical release on August 4th. More details to come in the future! Anyway, peace out. Gotta go graduate college tomorrow. -DD

04/03/2018- NISEMONO GANGSTA, and Daily Life

KAKIGORI GALAXY ASTRONAUT has finally released, worldwide and on all digital platforms! The mini album comes with 6 full songs, featuring the likes of ill.bell (of RainyBlueBell) and SHIDO from TinyTitanBox, as well as tracks by TINY PLANETS, ALLATheNinety, HakobuNe, nyankobrq and of course, DEMONDICE. The release itself has been a smashing success and I really owe it not only to the fantastic people that helped me put it together, but to you, the people who always listen. The album reached the #12 spot on Japan's Hip-Hop/Rap charts, which is no easy feat for a small fry like DEMONDICE. Not to mention, my 2 years rap anniversary finally passed last month, around Valentine's Day. It's been quite a ride. I have already begun work on the next adventure, which will be my most ambitious. I learned many new things with this latest release in regards to pacing, music production, and quality over quantity... With that being said, I hope you'll stay tuned for the next demonic adventure. I think the sound(s) will be very different than anything I've done before... -DD

I decided to start writing a blog because I don't speak up enough. I'm slowly starting to learn how to be professional, but it gets suffocating at times so I wanna become more open and lay stuff out for y'all. I did my very first live show this winter in Kansas City, Missouri. After that, I did my first live show ABROAD in Tokyo, Japan. It was so lit, and I had so many cool mentors around me to help me out. A big shout-out to Rapbit for letting me join the show, to Mako for back DJing, and another shout to K's (kokorobeats) for helping with the back DJ and set-up. I'm super new to this, so to have so many cool people help me pull through made me so very happy. Thank you.

Hey, I've got a brand new single dropping on Valentine's Day (2/14/2018), and I wanna hear what y'all think about it once it drops. Try not to think too hard about the meaning, it's very open-ended for interpretation. Either way, it's gonna be up on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify. I'll also have it available for streaming via soundcloud. More exciting stuff is happening, I'm covering several Japanese songs in English, so look out for those this month, too. I'll try writing once a month, so come visit me every once in a while. Peace, amigos. 




Hey everyone. As promised, here's another blog for this month.​ This image is actually a piece I used for a comic pitch class. I decided to write about my adventures in Japan, since they make such an engaging story, I think. I miss Japan very much, but if all goes well, I'll be living there starting this summer. I hope everyone enjoyed the single, and it seems it did very well on spotify! Thanks for all the support. This coming month, I've got the next collaboration between me and my fellow "psycho" ladies slated for release a bit later, once Spring Break is over. I'm going to Disney. I deserve a gosh dang break y'all, things have been non-stop. But the good news is, somehow, I've still managed to keep up work. I've got several collaborations in the pipelines, and even some features people have asked me for. You'll get the majority of those in April, along with an announcement regarding my next big project. In the meantime, feel free to check out my Soundcloud for any releases you've missed by click the image to the left. Keep it real.