October 29th 2017 || Single || Collaboration Track

Rap/Lyrics: psychoとsaikou (DEMONDICE, Minari, painy)

Producer: Dansonn

Mixer:  Aaron Wolpin (Greenville Studios)


August 2nd, 2019  ||8 tracks||EP + 18 page comic|| 

Rap/Lyrics:  DEMONDICE's  カレン (KAREN), らっぷびと, DempseyRollBoy, 抹, 雨天決行

​Tracks by: DEMONDICE, kokorobeats, AO,  mosqui, KO-ney, nyankobrq, thatkidgoran 

Mixer/Master: TINY PLANETS at kokoroStudio

American Saikoro EP

A wandering astronaut, from a faraway galaxy; traveling only with a pocket full of words that illustrate a strangely real fiction. A sweet, but frozen landscape is the next destination. Enter an Outer Space Odyssey, written in 6 tracks. 
... Romance aside, it’s the type of album where KAREN raps to whatever she wants, regardless of genre.
遥か彼方の銀河から彷徨って来た1人のアストロノート、妙にリアルなフィクションを描く言葉をポッケに詰め。甘く、凍りついた所が次の目的地。 6曲で描かれた宇宙オデッセイに突入せよ。
... 恋はさておき、KARENが好き勝手に、ジャンル問わず、好きな音にラップするアルバム。

Words That I Could Say to You

May 21st 2017 || 4 Tracks || 8 page Comic || Full EP

Tracks by: The Passion Hi-fi, DubUnit, RK Beats, AO

Mixers: 1Known

The international ladies' rap crew,  psychoとsaikou, returns with a new single that lampoons fake, glamorized violence and other such ridiculous gang-related behavior that litters today's hip-hop culture in the lyrics of those who have never faced true adversity in the hood. Mixing American (DEMONDICE), Korean (Minari) and Japanese (painy) lyrics, people from across the globe can connect over a mutual dislike for modern-day lyricists who don't realize the weight carried by lazy lyrics they write.

NISEMONO GANGSTA- psychoとsaikou 

CD: August 4, 2018    Digital: August 19th, 2018  ||9 tracks||Full EP|| 

Rap/Lyrics:  DEMONDICE's  カレン (KAREN), MINARI, Deadfool, Romonosov?

​Tracks by: Musicality, whodunnit, DEMONDICE, syndrome, n-soul, 

Mixer:  Aaron Wolpin, DEMONDICE

DEMONDICE’s 3rd EP- American Saikoro. The quest through hell continues as the DEMONDICE crew takes on a new edge as a re-formatted hip-hop crew. The theme revolves around the life of an American human who has come to terms with her inner demons, and has decided to make a record with them. These days, it’s the “Land of the Free,” but it’s a land of consequences. A riddle sung in dark beats and self-questioning lyrics, take a journey into the life of a modern-day young adult living in a dangerous utopia.

Forget about an "aisatsu." Welcome to a world inside of My Thoughts.

The wandering hip-hop enthusiast has been many places, but hell was the last place she expected to find the answer to her odd state of existence. Beckoned by Satan-Sama himself, DEMONDICE enters Satan's Rap Dungeon on a quest to buy back the soul she still doesn't know she's lost.


August 23rd 2017 || 6 Quick-Fire Raps, 1 Full Track || Challenge EP

Producers: DEMONDICE, The Passion Hi-fi, ThatKidGoran, beatowski, mosqui

Mixers:  Aaron Wolpin (Greenville Studios), 1shida


The international rap group "psychoとsaikou" features MCs from around the world. DEMONDICE (America), Minari (South Korea) and painy (Japan) come together on the same track with the mentality that hip-hop can unite the world. The PV is created by DEMONDICE, as is all featured artwork. Free download available in the description of the video! Click the cover image to go to the PV.

DEMONDICE's latest single is a narrative revolving around the relationships I built in Japan over the past year and a half. The message is open to you. Do you feel as though you lack the communication skills to tell someone how much they mean to you? I do. Free to listen on SoundCloud! (NO LONGER STREAMING ON SC)

WAIgodWAI! - psychoとsaikou (single)

March 31, 2018 ||Single|| 

Rap/Lyrics:  psychoとsaikou (DEMONDICE, Minari, painy)

​Track by: Shonzy Beats


For one week, I took the challenge of writing a song a day, and then recording them all in one go. Included are 6 quick-fire raps, and 1 full song featuring DempseyRollBoy and Scott SK Miller. Two of the featured tracks were also composed by myself as a part of the challenge. 


March 2nd, 2019  ||6 tracks||Mini Album|| 

Rap/Lyrics:  DEMONDICE's  カレン (KAREN), ill.bell, SHIDO from TinyTitanBox

​Tracks by: DEMONDICE, TINY PLANETS, ALLATheNinety, HakobuNe, nyankobrq 

Mixer/Master: TINY PLANETS at kokoroStudio

December 28th, 2017 ||10 tracks|| 15 page comic || Full EP || 

​Tracks by: DETERMINATE INC., thatkidgoran, DEMONDICE, BluntedBeatz,  AO, The Passion Hifi, Reinbel

Mixer:  Aaron Wolpin (Greenville Ave. Studios)

The Red, White and Black EP


DEMONDICE's 2nd full EP pulls listeners even deeper into the pits of hip-hop hell with 10 tracks from an array of producers, exploring the whacky and weird side of DEMONDICE's off-brand rap. The EP is free to download, but if you'd like to support me via iTunes and Spotify, it's much appreciated. Click the above links for free and paid-for streaming options, and the album artwork for the free download. Included in the download is a 15-page continuation of the DEMONDICE mini-comic series, available in English and Japanese.

March 1, 2018 ||Single|| 


​Track by: n-soul

Mixer:  1Known

Truth is stranger than fiction. It’s DEMONDICE’s riskiest project yet. The next riddle sung in 7 stories (and a comic) is an autobiography of the children of the Internet. 

“Why do you look so tormented?”

Breaking free from the chains of mass appeal, the demon finally answers.